Sifu Tom Lamont

Tom Lamont is the owner and founder of Chum Sut Martial Arts Academy. He is one of the most senior recognised martial arts and self-defense experts in the whole of Ireland. In 2001 Tom put his skills to the ultimate test by fighting in the World Vale Tudo Championship Series 12, winning a heavyweight super fight. At the time, this event was the world’s premier No Holds Barred Fighting Championship.

Tom Lamont is a life long martial artist with world class grappling ability. He has been training in martial arts continually since the age of 19, with over 38 years experience you could not be in better hands. Chum Sut Martial Arts Academy was created to share his knowledge and abilities of martial arts as a resource to educate people, with the community in mind.

Martial arts have received bad press over the past few years with many portraying combat sports as purely about violence and aggression.  Tom wants to change this attitude and demonstrate how martial arts can be used to improve your health, self-discipline, work ethic, respect, compassion and tolerance to others as well as more qualities to make the average person into an exceptional human being.

In the course of his career Tom has attained the level of black belt or higher in multiple disciplines of martial arts as well as multiple instructor level certifications in additional systems under some of the industry’s most renowned teachers such as Eric Paulson. Martial arts including Taekwondo, Catch as Catch Can, Freestyle Wrestling, Combat Submission Wrestling, Savate STX Kickboxing and WingTzun  are to name but a few he has vast experience in. Tom also believes in continued education andtravels regularly to seminars and Coach Development Programs in the UK and the USA to update and improve his martial arts skills with the world’s best instructors.