The Benefits Of Meditation

Preparing for Meditation

Meditation Posture

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, an exercise recommended for everyone, but especially those of us with hectic, stressful lifestyles,

is defined as an engagement in contemplation, especially of a spiritual or devotional nature.  


Meditation has been shown to relieve stress, and promote overall good health,

By simply reflecting upon our day, and finding happiness within ourselves.

This and other mind exercises help us to keep our mind fit, and functioning at top performance levels.  


 Is it necessary for our health? 

Or have we just come up with a new fad, to fill up the empty hours of our day?


Well, the empty hours don’t exist for most of us,

and quite frankly, without the opportunity to reflect and relax, I would quite possibly go completely mad. 

The Mind and the Benefits  of Meditation

Our spirituality and meditation practices are the tools we have available to keep our mind as fit as we keep our bodies. 

The mind is a complicated and versatile machine,

but it can become overwhelmed and unable to function correctly, if we don’t take the time to look after it.


Our mind has varying levels of operation, known as brainwaves. 

As we pass through the different stages of our day, we enter various stages of brain wave activity.  

The Brain and the Benefits  of Meditation


The brain uses this tool as one way to allow us time to rest our busy mind,

and cope with all the pieces of information we’ve received, a way to kind of “mind file” for the day.


Modern alternative medicine and holistic healers believe in the power of the energy that flows through our bodies; this energy radiates from our mind as well.  


It is believed to be the chief form of transportation for our body’s nervous system to carry out communication.  

Breathing techniques, music, aromas, and candle therapy are all ways

we utilise the opportunities to reflect on our day, allow our mind to rest and replenish itself for further use.  

Mentally Fit

But are these methods keeping us mentally fit?  

Yes, it does help to keep us mentally fit.  


The Benefits Of Meditation, however, are the mind’s ability to transform itself into a vehicle for higher awareness.


Meditation is a way for us to become aware of the fact that there is more to our being than just our physical activity. 

We have so much more potential locked away in our mind,

resources that we never tap into until we have the chance to quiet the mind,

quiet our surroundings and open the door to the possibilities we don’t examine on a day to day basis.


In our meditative state, thoughts that never have the opportunity to be heard during the bustle of the day are afforded the opportunity to come forward and be heard.  


Every step that we take is a step in some direction for our life.  

The opportunity to set our own destiny,

develop our manifestation of what we believe our life should be, is the opportunity meditation provides.  


Every action we’ve ever taken started as a thought.  

The thought was then brought into reality by our action on that thought. 


So are we able to produce new thoughts and new possibilities, in this time of quiet reflection.

It is in these small moments of creativity and higher conscious operation that our mind

heals itself from the stresses of everyday activities, and maintains a real level of healthy operation. 


Our mind is like our body, we don’t have to look unhealthy to be unhealthy, and sooner or later, the illnesses show.


Meditation preventive maintenance for the mind. 

Meditation gives us the opportunity to reflect on our inner self.  


To listen to that small inner voice that is supposed to help guide and direct our mental processes,

but in modern day existence, is often drowned out due to excessive noise pollution.


When we don’t give adequate time for these processes, or we simply don’t get enough rest,

our mind cannot maintain its state of wellness,

just like our bodies aren’t capable of wellness if there is no chance to rest and replenish.


Breathing techniques, music, aromas, and candle therapy are all ways

we utilise the opportunities to reflect on our day, allow our mind to rest and replenish itself for further use.

Daily Routine

We must remember over the course of our daily routine, to make time to

maintain mental wellness, as we strive to maintain physical wellness. 


The nice thing about the whole process is that, as we go about accomplishing these tasks,

quite often the opportunities for preservation and care are interchangeable.

We can help to quite our mind as we take our twenty minute walk. 




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