Chum Sut Terms Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Every member of Chum Sut shall be subject to these Terms Conditions. It is the Member’s responsibility to read the Terms Conditions before signing the membership application form to become a member.
  2. By signing the application form the Member is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these Terms Conditions.
  3. These Rules may be revoked, altered or added to from time to time by the Chum Sut, without prior notification to members. Any variations will be posted on the Club notice board.
  4. The decision to accept any application shall be at the absolute discretion of the Chum Sut and the Club holds the right to refuse an application from any applicant.
  5. If an application is accepted by the Chum Sut the applicants membership of the Club shall commence upon the date of acceptance or payment of subscription fees.
  6. Acceptance by Chum Sut of an application for membership shall be a binding and contractual agreement between the Company and the Member, upon these Terms Conditions and the rules and regulations or bye-laws of the Club.

Membership and Fees

  1. Members must be at least 16 years of age.
  2. Members shall be subject to a non-refundable joining fee at the time of joining at the rate specified.
  3. Members may not terminate their membership during the duration of their contract.
  4. Membership payments shall be monthly in advance, although members may pay all of their membership subscriptions for the following 12, 6, 3 months in one payment. If so, the Member will be liable to pay the lump sum before the commencement of their membership or before their existing membership expires.
  5. For monthly packages, members must pay in full prior to using the club. This also apply’s to any offers for membership at Chum Sut that may be running throughout the year.
  6. Should any part of the subscription or membership fee remain unpaid 30 days after it falls due, irrespective of usage, the member will become liable to pay the unpaid fee plus the following month in full.
  7. Members must give written notice to the Club of any changes of address.
  8. Any increase in membership fees will be posted on the Club notice board 45 days prior to such increase.
  9. Membership is non-transferable and nonrefundable, unless there is written agreement to the contrary.
  10. All payments for ancillary services and products (1-2-1 personal training, classes, etc) must be made at reception.

Use of Facilities

  1. Chum Sut opening hours are fixed by the Club and are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. The Club may at any time close the club’s premises or any part thereof, without notice, in order to execute repairs, alterations, re-decorations or otherwise.
  3. It is the Members’ or Guests’ responsibility to ensure that they are capable of undergoing any activity within the Club. All classes and 1-2-1 mixed martial art lessons are taken at the Members’ own risk.
  4. Suitable attire, as determined by the club, must be worn at all times while using the club facilities (jeans, footballs tops are not permitted while training).
  5. Use of fitness areas and other Club facilities is at the Members’ or Guests’ own risk and under their own medical advice.]
  6. Members and Guests shall not use the Club’s facilities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  7. Smoking is not permitted.
  8. Mobile phones are not permitted except in the entrance lobby and changing areas – any use of mobile phones outside of these areas may result in suspension and/or cancellation of membership without recourse.
  9. In the interest of safety, no glass containers may be taken onto the mats or changing areas.
  10. Members should comply with written guidelines, posted within the Club, regarding the use of club facilities.
  11. Members are requested to arrive for appointments and studio classes in good time.
  12. A Chum Sut coach may refuse entry, or may ask any Member to leave a class if they feel their, or another’s safety or enjoyment is in jeopardy.
  13. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry to the Club’s premises at its absolute discretion.
  14. Any member with payments outstanding on their club account whether for membership or any other fees will be refused access to the club until all outstanding payments are settled.
  15. Members are not permitted to start, conduct or continue personal disputes within the premises.
  16. Chum Sut is not responsible for personal belongings in the club or stored in your vehicle while using the parking surrounding the building.
  17. Club facilities will close 15 minutes before the Club closes. The Club reserves the right to vary these opening times, during a bank or public holiday, special hours may apply.

Data Protection

  1. It is necessary for the purpose of providing you with advice and support in relation to our facilities to hold certain data concerning your identity, contact details and general health on files. By signing the membership application form expressly consenting to Chum Sut having authority to keep this data for the duration of your membership to the Club to assist us in providing you with the best possible service.


  1. Chum Sut is not responsible and will not accept liability for any damage or loss to Members’ or Guests’ personal property brought onto the Clubs’ premises.
  2. Members purchasing ancillary products and services do so at their own risk and the club does not accept responsibility for any personal items that are damaged or lost.
    Chum Sut or their coaches shall be liable for personal injury sustained by Members or their Guests whilst on the Club’s premises, except in so far as it can be proven that this relates to the will ful act, neglect or default of the Club
  3. Guests and members who suffer an accident or injury on the Club premises must report the accident or injury immediately.
  4. Members and Guests must accept that they are in good physical condition and capable of participating in physical.