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Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring a 1-2-1 Personal Coach

Mistakes You Can Make Before Hiring a 1-2-1 Personal Coach
If you think the best way, or the only way for you to achieve your goals is to do it by yourself then you have Lone Ranger Mentality.

 Do you believe that reaching out to a  1-2-1 Professional Coach somehow indicates that you aren’t enough?

 That it somehow means you’re incapable and not smart enough, strong enough or good enough?

Well let me assure you, the people who come to Personal  Coaching are all of those things, extremely Capable, Smart, Strong and a whole lot more. 

They choose Personal  Coaching because they are ready to accelerate their personal training to the next Level and Beyond 

People who want to Achieve their Goals Faster, Easier and with Better Results than they could on their own.

A  Personal Coach will Facilitate your 

Self Discovery ,the Identification of your goals and the Prioritisation of those goals

Your  Personal Coach will help you Create your Action Plan as well as prepare for and overcome any challenges you encounter along the way. 

Your Personal  Coach will hold you accountable for taking consistent action toward the realisation of your goals.

Accountability is one of the greatest payoffs of Personal  Coaching. 

It is so powerful because it can make all the difference in terms of you being a…

Goal Achiever instead of just a Goal Setter and someone who walks the walk instead of just talking the talk. 

Think of your Personal  Coach as your success partner, whose reason for being is to help you get what you want Quicker, Easier and with Better Results than you could on your own.

If you’re thinking your life is good and you’re relatively satisfied, congratulations! 

That did not happen on its own. 

You have obviously done some fabulous work. 

You’ve already proven you’re the kind of person who proactively goes after what you want and you get it. 

So why would you settle for anything less than great? 

Why would you settle for living in black and white when you could be living in technicolour? 

Do you really want to play it safe and stay comfortable? 

Playing it safe and staying comfortable can take you no further than good.

Most of my students are people who are already very successful

Now that they’ve personally experienced the Power of  1-2-1 Coaching they tell me that they realise just how much less they were settling for. 

They were settling for Good when they could have been Experiencing Great. 

These Students also tell me  that Personal Coaching has dramatically increased the quality of their lives in all areas, from Better Health to Better Fitness 

So we challenge those of you who are settling. 

We challenge you to stop settling for Good. 

We challenge you to go for GREAT and beyond with 1-2-1  Personal  Coaching.

It may surprise you to know that  Personal Coaching can enable you to be more, do more working Smarter instead of Harder. 

Your  Personal coach will lead you through an efficient process. 

You’ll begin by getting Crystal Clear about what you do and do not want in your Training . 

Next, you will develop an Action Plan that details what it’s going to take, the What by When, for you to reach your Goals. 

Finally, you will stay Focused and On Track by being Accountable to your Personal Coach 

Taking Consistent Action and learning  How to Overcome Any Challenges that come up along the way.