Learn a Martial Art

 Chum Sut offers private tuition for anyone looking to increase their martial arts skills. One to one training is available to everyone, you don’t have to be a member of the club. At Chum Sut we train complete beginners all the way up to high level fighters. One to one martial arts training is an excellent opportunity to advance your training in any of the following martial arts styles :

“Submission Wrestling, STX Kick Boxing, MMA, Wing Tzun, Combat Submission Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Stick  S/ Weapons Training and Self Defence”.

Maybe you are already attending one of our classes from our Class Timetable  and would like to take your training to the next level. All private tuition is taught by head coach and owner Sifu Tom Lamont, a 40 years veteran. You can read more about Tom on his about page. Below are just some of the benefits of private martial arts coaching

Private Tuition Benefits

Learn Martial Arts

  • Master techniques and skills in less time
  • Manage fear and anxiety, increase self confidence
  • Learn how to strike, kick and defend
  • Diffuse attackers verbally, avoiding physical contact
  • Increase self awareness, motivation and focus
  • Improve overall fitness, co-ordination, and mobility
  • Channel your energy, manage stress and control anger

Private Tuition Testimonial

I was always looking to learn real olympic freestyle wrestling and now I am at Chum Sut Academy, lucky to have found coach Thomas Lamont. I recently started doing private one to one wrestling sessions. Tom is the best coach I have ever had, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and explains things in an easy way which makes it clear to understand, a true gentleman. I would highly recommend Chum Sut, an excellent club for martial arts classes and private tuition under the guidance of Tom.

One to One Coaching Inquiry Form

Current prices as of September 2021

£50 per 1 Hour  session [  a tailored made 1 hour session after a FREE 20 minute Coaching call ] Plus you get automatic access to our Private Simple Steps Systems Community were you get FREE Ebooks ,Pdfs ,Workbooks and Courses

Purchase a block of 6 x sessions £240

If you have any further questions about private coaching, please drop us an email

Most people start out with martial arts classes. This gives you a taster of what the various martial arts styles have to offer. If you then decide that you want to advance in any one particular martial art, private tuition can help to accelerate your learning.

You can choose to take Private Tuition for as long as you want, there is no minimum commitment. Try one or two lessons; we are confident that you will see the benefits of private one to one coaching.

Yes, Sifu Tom Lamont requires that all new clients must have a consultation. This time is required to asses suitability, previous experience (if applicable), goals, martial art style, time slots and past or present injuries. Consultations last about 20mins and must be booked with Tom, please use our one to one coaching inquiry form.

Unfortunately martial art classes are separate from private tuition, unless you are a member. Pay as you Go classes are available to non members at Chum Sut costing £7 per class. Depending on the number of classes you wish to attend, you might find it financially viable to become a member. Save money on both classes and private one to one coaching.