Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW)

Combat submission wrestling is the perfect blend of Judo, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling. Techniques and Submissions from Shoot Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo and Catch wrestling. CSW trains the student to Strike, Clinch, Takedown and Submit on the ground. Suitable for either Sport, Mixed Martial Arts or Self Defence.

Combat submission wrestling is laden with painful submission holds and devastating leg locks. The evolved style is the perfect combination to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Chum Sut Grappling

Chum Sut Grappling System is a Hybrid System Of Grappling which consists of

Freestyle Wrestling

Submission Wrestling

Catch Wrestling

Kushti Wrestling



The Student will be trained in …


Hand Fighting




Takedown Defences

Submissions [ Standing & Ground ]

Defences and Counters to Submissions

Guard Retention

Guard Passing

Top And Bottom Game Plans

Chum Sut Unique Grappling  Conditioning Programme

The Training will give you a Complete Grappling  Game Suitable For Sport , Mixed Martial  Arts OR Self Defence

STX Kick Boxing

STX kickboxing is a hybrid striking system developed by Eric Paulson. The system emphasises explosive techniques found in Boxing, Panatukan, Jun Fan / JKD Kick Boxing, Savate and Muay Thai, (Thai and Dutch methods). The skills taught in STX are easily translated in MMA, Kickboxing and Self Defence situations.

Chum Sut Kickboxing 

Chum Sut Kickboxing is a hybrid striking system developed by Thomas Lamont the system emphasises techniques found in….

Boxing [ Old & New school ]

Muay Thai [ Old & New school ]


Wing Tzun

We teach students how to Effectively use Elbows, Knees ,Punches , Kicks  Sensitivity and Sweeps from each Art

Chum sut Kickboxing is practised for Self Defence ,General Fitness or as a Contact Sport

Why Learn Chum Sut Kickboxing

Gives you A Boost Of Energy

Helps Tone Your Entire body

Quickly Melts Body Fat

Improves Your level Of Coordination

It also provides an Alternative to Gym Workouts

Chum Sut Wing Tzun

Step By Step Structured Programme along with FULL Curriculum

4 Levels Of Skill, Learning and Development

1… Apprentice Level

2… Intermediate Technician  Level

3… Advanced Technician Level

4… Skilled Practitioner Level

We also break these levels down with our


Solo Training

Partner Training

Live Training

Free Training

Your Confidence Will Increase

Your Fitness Will Increase

Your Ability To Defend Yourself  Will Increase

Your Emotional Control Will Increase

All while having fun because you have followed our

Structured Training System

CSMAA Self Defence Program 

Our CSMAA self defence program gives children, teens and adults the opportunity to build self esteem, confidence and discipline. Through regular anticipation in our self defence program you will notice an increase in your fitness, strength and co ordination. CSMAA self defence program includes a hybrid NoGi grappling system Combat Submission Wrestling and striking in STX Kickboxing (Savate-Thai Kickboxing).

Chum Sut (CSMAA) self defence program is structured for minis, ages 7 – 12, teens ages 12 – 16 and also adults 16 plus. The program focuses on increasing self awareness, improving motor skills and the importance of staying fit and healthy. 

Combat Submission Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Combat Submission Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is Sensei Erik Paulsons Gi Grappling System

Sensei Erik has a well rounded Martial arts and Fighting background and he brings this experience and his point of view to the Gi Grappling System

Developed by the Gracie family in Brazil, this system is famous for its devastating ground techniques. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was specifically developed to allow smaller persons the ability to defeat much larger opponents, through the application of leverage techniques, allowing the individual to apply various amounts of chokes, holds, locks and joint manipulation to bring down their opponent.

It is not just a martial art, it is also a sport, a method for increasing physical strength and fitness and building character in young people, and ultimately a way of life.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

The Combination of CSW & STX form our Mixed Martial Arts System add on the Striking for the Ground Game and we have a Complete System for MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is a Full Contact Sport that allows a variety of fighting styles to be used  Striking and Grappling techniques, either standing or on the ground, are allowed.

The early years of the sport saw a wide variety of traditional styles, but as the sport evolved many styles were shown to be ineffective. It is now common for fighters to train in multiple styles, creating a more balanced skill set.

Freestyle Olympic Wrestling

is a combat sport contested on an octagonal mat with a circle inside. It is one of two variants of wrestling that take place at the Olympic games, with the other being Greco-Roman Wrestling. In Freestyle Wrestling, athletes are permitted to grab opponents below the waist and use their legs for both attacking and defensive moves. The sport incorporates elements from a variety of other disciplines, including sambo, judo and traditional wrestling.

Unlike Greco-Roman Wrestling, both men and women compete in Freestyle Wrestling at the Olympics. The sport is also contested at a wide variety of different weight levels

In Freestyle Wrestling, the aim is to tackle an opponent and place their shoulders firmly on the mat for a second – which is known as a “pin” or “fall” and will result in a victory. However, an athlete can also win a fight  by Points Superior

 Chum Sut Practical Combat Stick /s  System

The Chum Sut Stick/s Curriculum is a Practical Combat System designed for Self Defence

As with with All Systems taught at Academy we believe Footwork is the Highest Attainment our Stick Curriculum is no different good Footwork will give you Control over the Different Ranges of Combat

Within the Curriculum we Teach

Empty Hand and Kicking Techniques  which will be blended with the Sticks

Stick/s V Stick/s

Empty Hands V Stick/s

Empty Hands V Empty Hands

Pad Work

Drill Skills

Bag Work


Strikes, Blocks Counters ,Disarms and Locks

Full Belt Ranking  System

Chum Sut Stick/s training builds directly upon the Unarmed Training . The involvement of Stick/s does however shift the emphasis towards the need for manoeuvrability rather than stability. The most obvious change  is the aspect of distance associated with the length of the Stick  and mastering the implications of this.  The other significant matter is, of course, the manipulation of the weapon itself.

All martial arts systems offered on Chum Sut’s timetable are taught by qualified, experienced and fully insured coaches.