How To Become A Good Submission Wrestler

Fighters practising the triangle for Submission Wrestling

How To Become A Good Submission Wrestler


 How to become a good Submission Wrestler,Submission Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. 

If you want to be good at it, you have to Prepare yourself both Mentally and Physically.

The best way to do that is to learn one of the Martial Arts which form the basis of Submission Wrestling.

A few examples of these include Catch Wrestling,Freestyle Wrestling, Judo Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  


As a beginner, your first few sessions will involve watching how others do it.

There are also videos around which you can buy or just watch using your computer.

In fact, some of the best fighters watch previous matches that they participated in or watch their fellow competitors so they can find a weak point that can be exploited during their next match.


Since you learn more by doing it rather than watching, put theory into practice by sparring with another wrestler.


Keep in mind that people get hurt in submission wrestling even if it is just a sparring session.

One way to prevent that is to get yourself used to the idea of falling down or being held in a certain position.

Although giving up is hard to accept, you must do this rather than dislocating your joints.


In time, you will be able to improve your skills as a Submission Wrestler.

You win some and you lose some.

If you win, take it humbly and if you lose, treat it as a learning experience


One other thing you have to do to become a good Submission Wrestler is to stay in shape.

This means exercising regularly, getting enough rest and eating properly.

There are different weight categories in this sport 


A little coaching and the right attitude always make the best fighters.


If you are just doing this to stay fit or learn how to defend yourself, that is also good. 


So what are you waiting for? Join a gym that has Submission Wrestling as part of their Timetable . 



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