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How to Avoid Punches With Speedy Head Movement

The Importance of Head Movement in Combat Sports.

How to Avoid Punches With Speedy Head Movement, head movement is the most important aspect of Combat sports.

It is the key to avoiding punches and making your opponent miss their target.
Boxers for instance have to be able to move their head in a variety of ways to avoid being hit.
Some fighters are known for their ability to move their head in unique ways, such as Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson

It’s important that you don’t just focus on one type of head movement, but practice all types so that you can become a more versatile fighter.

How Does Your Brain and Body Function In Fight or Flight Mode?

The body goes into fight or flight mode when it senses a threat. The brain is the control center of the body and senses the threat by sensing a change When it senses that there is an immediate threat to one’s safety and well-being, your brain sends messages to different parts of your body to prepare for Fighting or Fleeing or even Freezing



The best way to avoid punches is by keeping your movements unpredictable.
To do so you have to learn your opponent’s pattern of movement because it’s much easier for them to catch you off guard with a predictable attack.
Constantly moving your head will keep your opponent unsure of your next move making it more difficult for them to attack.


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