The Mind Of A Champion

 The mind of a champion, how many times did you hear a true champion speak with doubt? 

How many times have you heard a boxer say, “It will be a tough night, we will just have to wait until Saturday and see how it all works out”? 

Never, because doubt will knock you out before you even begin.

The Mind Of A Champion

Fighter thinking about his game plan to Win

If you let self-doubt enter your mind, anxiety is sure to grow. Once you start to doubt whether you are capable of winning you’re on your way to disaster because the mind can only hold one thought at a time. You are either thinking of winning, and visualising what winning will be like, or you are worrying about what happens if you don’t win. You can only hold one picture at a time. Sure some athletes waver back and forth, but at any given time you can only be holding one thought. Read more

Develop Mental Toughness Through Martial Arts

Develop mental toughness through Martial Arts.Although different aspects of your being operate independently, they’re still connected. At some point, they come together to create the best being possible. That explains why your physical and mental states are co-related. Balance in one area is easily transferred to another.


Martial Artists Showing Respect By Bowing

Are you experiencing situations that put a strain on your mental processes? 

Do you feel stressed out and unable to make decisions? 

Mental toughness can be difficult to acquire, but it’s much easier if you focus on achieving physical fitness first.

“ By ensuring your body is strong, challenged, and fully tuned, you can encourage mental toughness and realise awesome physical achievements.”

Try These Strategies To Strengthen Both Your Mental And Physical Fitness:

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Woman Muay Thai

Are You Looking For An Exciting  Way To Get In Shape?

Are you looking for an exciting way to get in shape, but haven’t found a form of exercise that can keep you interested and motivated?

Is every type of exercise you’ve tried boring and mundane?

If so, Martial Arts are right for you.

Believe it or not, Martial Arts can help you increase your quality of life in ways you might not have otherwise considered! Read more


Are you looking for the skills to get through tough times? Use these 7 Skills to develop Resilience  

Do you want to learn how to better manage your thoughts, actions, and life?

7 Skills To Develop Resilience

Japanese Proverb

Resilience is a skill that can be learned and cultivated. If you want to develop this skill, you can do so by applying new concepts to the small ways in which you live out your daily life.

Use these 7 Skills  as a reference to direct you toward Resilience. Read more

How To Become A Good Submission Wrestler

Fighters practising the triangle for Submission Wrestling

How To Become A Good Submission Wrestler


 How to become a good Submission Wrestler,Submission Wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world. 

If you want to be good at it, you have to Prepare yourself both Mentally and Physically.

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Mixed Martial Arts More Popularly Known As MMA.

 A Look Mixed Martial Arts More Popularly Known As MMA.


MMA Arm BarA look at Mixed Martial Arts and what it involves  ,Mixed Martial arts  more popularly known as MMA
Different Martial Arts techniques are utilised by various MMA fighters.

In most Mixed Martial Arts competitions or tournaments, grappling or striking techniques are used.

It can include punches, knees, and kicks. Aside from that, players can also execute sweeps, throws, and holds.
Fish hooking, biting, and eye gouging are illegal while elbows, spinal locks, and head butts are not always allowed in the game

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Benefits Of Martial Arts Training

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training


Outlining the many benefits of Martial Arts training.

As any Martial Arts practitioner will tell you, there are multiple benefits in Martial Arts training. 

Of course, the most obvious benefit is a knowledge of self defence 

Knowing how to defend yourself  in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in todays world . 

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Practising Martial Arts To Strengthen Your Mind And Body

Practising Martial Arts To Strengthen Your Mind And Body

Practising Martial Arts To Strengthen Your Mind And Body


 How to practise Martial Arts to Strength your Mind and Body

Martial Arts are basically a Set of Physical and Mental Skills that are gradually taught, developed and polished by a Coach


Based on ancient wisdom and philosophy,

Martial Arts not only strengthen the body of the student, but they also fortify his/her Mind and Spirit. 

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