About Chum Sut

Chum Sut’s martial art facility caters for all ages and fitness levels, the perfect place to learn a variety of martial art styles. We teach STX kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Filipin, Weapons Training, CSW Combat Submission Wrestling and children’s martial arts. We are located just of the Saintfield road close to the M1.

 Your first class is complimentary, we also offer 1-2-1 martial arts training. Chum Sut is the leading authority on martial arts and the only affiliated club in Northern Ireland teaching the CSW program by Erik Paulson. Our martial arts centre is multi-cultured, multi-aged and multi-religious.

We have ages ranging from 7 years up to 81 years of age. Just like the rest of us, striving to achieve their own fitness goals. Chum Sut means “seek truth”The underlying principles and philosophy at Chum Sut is to integrate Body – Mind – Spirit to develop the complete martial artist. Claim you FREE class today.


We train beginners, renowned martial artists, competitive fighters and coaches from around the world.

Why Chum Sut

Fully Insured

All members must have valid club insurance to practice any form of mixed martial arts

Certified Coaches

All our coaches have a wealth of experience in many forms of  mixed martial arts.

37 Years Experience

Tom Lamont founder of Chum Sut has over 37 years experience. Your in good hands.



My children both do wrestling at Chum Sut, it is a fantastic venue. The coaches are all professional, friendly and dedicated. The children also learn discipline and the importance of effort.

Garfield Morrison


Wonderful place to train, whether just for fun or as a hobbyist. If you’re serious about competing in martial arts. Tom and his staff will welcome you and make you feel part of the team.

Sigh Codelia


Chum Sut martial arts academy is a great place to learn martial arts, Thomas Lamont is a great teacher with an excellent understanding of the various martial art styles.

Adam McCarter


Anyone who is wanting to be trained at Chum Sut Martial Arts Academy Lisburn will be trained to an extremely high standard in all forms of Martial Arts.

Archie Coogan


Chief instructor Thomas Lamont founded the Chum Sut Martial Arts Academy in 1993.

Thomas has over 37 years experience in all areas of martial arts. He is a skilled practitioner level 4 CPF, wing tzun 4th masters degree, Tae Kwon Do 1st dan black belt, wrestling coach, boxing coach, professional martial arts and self defence teacher.

Chum Sut martial arts academy Lisburn is the first club in Northern Ireland to deliver the CSW affiliation.